Visiting Raja-Jooseppi
CatchingThe King Crab

Reindeer driving
Program on the reindeer farm:
We visit Inari reindeer farm. The owners of the farm, Maarit and Into Paadar are Sami. There you can drive "a reindeer driving licence" with a reindeer and sledge. We enjoy open fire meal and coffee in a Lappi hut. And visit also at Paadar´s home museum.

JR-Giant has wings???
Of course. Water airplane or helicopter - you can spend more time at your destination.
We fly with JR-Giant´s guidance to hunt and fish from Ivalo, Inari, Sevettijärvi, Enontekiö and Kilpisjärvi.
We sail to watch the Stone of Ukko in the Lake Inari. It is a Samish offering place. And the Ice Cave of the eternal ice. And many bare islands of the Lake Inari.
We enjoy coffee and food cooked on the open fire.

Swimming on the Arctic Ocean
We sail through the year on the open, unfrozen sea. You have possibility to swim and float on the icy bath of the sea.
At extra charge: snowmobiles.
Catching The King Crab of Kamtschatka
For several years ago Kamtschatka´s King Crab(brought for growing) escaped from the broken pool of the condensation water of the nuclear power plant in Russia to the Arctic Ocean. So it was called "Ryssänrapu"(Ruskie´s crawfish). The King Crab started to grow and spread everywhere on the water area of the Fjord of Varang. You don´t have the special fishing license, but catching the King Crab is permitted by certain "licence" that is given to the Norwegians by the State of Norway.
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In Raja-Jooseppi :
Visiting in the edge of EU:s border zone area between Russia and Finland.

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Raja-Jooseppi has many stories!!!
About Jooseppi Juhonpoika Sallila and his rich life.
Memorable moments:

Smoked fish... you would like to taste it

Full moon
Aurora Borealis

Foto: Pertti Turunen


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