Come and join us to fish for powan, trout and vendace on Lake Inari.
We troll for trout and grayling on the open lake areas of Kasarinselkä, Vasikkaselkä and Sammakkoselkä.
We go trolling and fly fishing to Rivers Teno, Näätämö and Raisa, the latter in Norway. Fishing both at the shore and in boat.
We fish for trout and grayling on a wilderness lake. Angling and other fishing methods.
On Lake Inari we stay over night on islands, in sheds. When in fells, the accommodation is in tents or shelters.
JR-Giant arranges nets, seine, boats, accommodation, catering and fishing permits.
Cruising on Lake Inari means calm waters and pleasant atmosphere, sometimes windy weather and excitement. Come and see the variegated shores and rocks, woods and barkless pine snags of Lake Inari. There are also ancient worship places and stone idols to see, as well as a cave with eternal ice. Far away from stress and hassle, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or dishes grilled on a campfire.
JR-Giant arranges the rental of a motorboat. Small to medium-size groups; for a couple of hours or several days.
The most exotic of catches is the catfish of the Arctic Sea. To pull up a catfish from a depth of 60 meters is really an experience!
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