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We service all our buildings and equipment before the beginning of the summer season, and we sleep at nights if we don't do something else...
At JR-Giant we have 5 Swedish army tents and stoves for use in the wilderness.
We provide complete cooking equipment for the wilderness.
We have hired cabins in the wilderness from our associates in Finland, Norway and Sweden. You can book these cabins through us.
We have a minibus for 1+ 8 people, 6 snowmobiles, a sleigh for carrying people, 4 other sleighs;
Sleeping bags for 8 people;
Snowmobile gear for 8 people;
Gear and tackle for trolling and fly fishing for 8 people;
A good-sized motorboat Finnmaster 520 with a 50 hp Honda engine;
A canoe with Old Dawn engine;
An inflatable with an engine;
2 covered trailers for carrying snowmobiles and equipment, with and without breaks;
3 trailers for carrying boats.
Please ask for our programme services and prices - or ask for an offer.
Gold panning
Lappish gold is the purest in the world. By panning, you can find nuggets suitable for jewerly. Hengetön, satiainen, lutikka and isomus are some of the names of nuggets. In the same pit, it's also possible to find beautiful semiprecious stones. All the necessary equipment for panning can be hired by the hour or a day; price FIM 100-500. At the claim there is a campfire for making coffee and preparing food, and tent accommodation.
Summer fishing
The season starts in spring after the ice has melted and the lakes and rivers are flowing again. We fish with nets in the lake to late autumn, the season for spawn vendace and surface net fishing of trout. Apart from net fishing, it is also possible to reel spawning salmon in from the shore, or to troll spawning trout and salmon. We catch the biggest graylings in the rivers Tornio-Muonio, Teno and Näätämö. We also cast our lures in the waters of the river Raisa, the magnificent canyon-like salmon river in Norway. JR-Giant has nets, rods with reels, rowing boats and motorboats. We also go trolling, net fishing and fly fishing powan and salmon on Lakes Lokka and Porttipahka.
We clean the abundant catches and prepare them with JR-Giant's own smoking methods. We then preserve them in cans with the best spices or vacuum-pack them to be taken home. Accommodation is available in hired sheds or army tents. Price FIM 250-1500 per person per night. Fishing permits on request.
We fish with a seine net at fishing grounds on Lake Inari, for instance at the edge of ice. The catches of fell lakes are incredible! JR-Giant has a seine and a boat suitable for a small group. The catches will be cleaned and then vacuum-packed to be taken home. Price FIM 3500-6500 a day. Coffee and meals at a campfire on request. Small fishes will be eaten during the trip.
On Lake Inari we troll with boats of different sizes. JR-Giant has all the equipment, including the most famous troll "Räsäsen seiska". The open lake areas of Kasarinselkä, Sammakkoselkä and Vasikkaselkä with it's deepest point of 96 meters; the finding of the best biting places of grayling and salmon at shore; and catching an arctic charr - all this creates a good trolling atmosphere and guarantees exceptional experiences. Prices FIM 400-600 per hour or 1500-3500 a day, including meals. Accommodation on request, in sheds at Inari or at JR-Giant's army tents.
Fly fishing
Best fishing, the real thing! We also organise courses in fly fishing. We use JR-Giant's high quality equipment to fish on the fell rivers, streams and rapids of the wilderness. When in group, we stay in army tents. If you are a beginner or an experienced fly fisher, why not enter the fascinating world of fly tying through us. Fully inclusive, 4-6 day fishing holidays and courses in fly fishing and fly tying for 4-8 people; price FIM 1200-1800 a day.
On Lake Inari, we go to see Ukonkivi islet, place of worship of the ancient Saami people, respecting its history. We then continue to experience the mysterious cool of Jääluola, cave of eternal ice, and to admire the magnificent open lake area of Kasarinselkä with its numerous barren islands. Coffee breaks and JR-Giant's packed lunch at campfires of the islands. FIM 300-1200 per hour or FIM 2500-6000 a day, including full service and accommodation.
Hiking / Trekking
A trip to the fells, rivers and lakes in the wilderness, or to a national park, along the marked routes with campfires. We proceed at a pace suitable for everyone. Participants carry their own rucksacks. Also hikes along trails with well-kept campfire and camping sites, with JR-Giant's lunchbox. Duration from one day to one week. Price FIM 100-500 a day per person.
Mushroom picking
Forest mushroom, such as false morel, is a product of a clean nature. It grows on nature's terms, and consequently the yield varies from year to year, sometimes being in abundance. In autumn, competing with reindeers, we pick mushrooms to be preserved for winter. Guided trips. Price FIM 200-1200. Hiking gear rental.
Fishing in the Atlantic / Norway
We go fishing to the Atlantic, via Narvik harbour and fjord, with our Swedish associate. Fully serviced trips with boats and accommodation. FIM 600-2200 a day per person.
Fishing in the Arctic Sea / Norway
We go fishing to the Arctic Sea, trough Näätämö fjord, off Kirkkoniemi and Bykeija, also known as "Little Finland". With our Norwegian associate we lure and troll cod, coley and halibut. Fully inclusive trips with accommodation on the mainland, or on an island in a reindeer farmer's cabin. Price FIM 500-2200 a day per person.
Berry picking
Arctic cloudberry, a yellow and rich-flavoured berry which ripens in the nightless night of Lapland can be found every summer at the borders of a swamp watched by bears, on a shady fellside, at a damp place by a mountain brook, or on an island in Lake Inari. A less known crowberry - rich in vitamin C and the best berry for juice and jelly making - can be found almost everywhere, as well as blueberry and lingonberry. Guided trips with service and transportation, FIM 200-1200.
Water flow hunting
In autumn, when nights get darker and shadows longer, Lappish flocks of geese fly over the bogs to their eating places and to the horsetail growing areas at the lake shores and bog ponds. Guided package trips to goose and other water flow hunting. Hunting permits, tent accommodation and catering are provided. A fully serviced hunting day FIM 500-1500 per person.
Bear hunting
The Finnish grizzly bear is our biggest predator, the king of the forests. To regulate the bear population a certain amount of bears are killed each year. There is no more traditional spring hunting, but we go bear hunting with dogs in the late autumn, before winter sets in. We stay overnight in the embrace of the wilderness, at shelters or JR-Giant's army tents. Our guide is an experienced bear hunter, reindeer farmer who respects the beast but also protects his own livelihood. Bear hunting permits are available for the whole hunting area of Lapland. Dogs on request. FIM 800-3000 a day per person depending on services and duration.
"Ruska" - glowing tints of autumn
Autumn presents splendour of colours, first in the ground foliage. The greatest of all painters, our Lord creates a living masterpiece. As a last praise for summer, we can enjoy all the brilliant colours of "ruska" for a moment before the nature partly dies and withdraws to a silent loneliness to prepare itself for an awakening next summer. In the middle of all this man is small but so influential on the future of nature. Group hikes to the fells, to Lake Inari, to the rivers and streams. Tent accommodation. FIM 250-650 a day per person, with a guide only or a comprehensive service.
Wild fowl hunting
Willow grouse lives in the last primeval forests, and its population is regulated with hunting. It can be found in several places. You would hardly meet willow grouse anywhere else as numerous as here! We go hunting at the barren fells and edges of the forest. Dogs on request. FIM 500-1800 a day per person depending on services.
Elk hunting
At certain game preserves in Lapland it is possible to go elk hunting with local hunting societies. The hunting usually takes place with elkhounds. Elk hunting is regulated. However, it is possible to acquire hunting permit for visitors. Tailor-made hunting trips FIM 900-2600 a day per person, or by agreement.
Reindeer sleigh tours
A visit to a genuine Lappish reindeer farm, where visitors can familiarise themselves with travelling by sleighs drawn by reindeers. In the fascinating atmosphere of the farm we also listen to the Lappish chants of joy, love and longing. Courses are available in reindeer sleigh driving. During longer reindeer sleigh trips it is possible to stay over night in a Lappish hut or in a reindeer farmer's cottage, and have genuine Lappish dishes in an authentic atmosphere. The visit to a reindeer farm and a familiarisation with the history and the culture of Saami people takes place in Inari village. Advanced booking, FIM 200-1200 a day per person..
Ice fishing
When the first ice covers the lakes, and the fish are about to bite, we commence ice fishing. The period for ice fishing lasts the whole winter and catches are plentiful. Holes are drilled in the ice, and as the spring advances, the bigger the holes must be to get the fish up (sometimes we even have to use a motordrill!) We get to the fishing grounds by snowmobile and sleigh; the last part of the journey is done by skiing. When time is limited, it is always possible to fly to the fishing grounds, in order to give everyone a possibility to ice-fish. Thus the quantity and the quality of fishing tales remains high! Fishing permits, snowmobile transportation and accommodation in the warmth of an army tent and a stove, as well as other services and all the necessary equipment are provided by JR-Giant. Short trips or trips lasting up to one week are available, accommodation included. FIM 250-1500 a day per person, or by agreement. If you prefer going ice fishing by yourself, daily transportation to JR-Giant's tent is available (accommodation on request).
Winter business trips to Lapland
Why not organise a business holiday to Lapland for your company and your guests? For instance, in November when the winter is at its best with "Kaamos" (the Polar night) and the bright moonlight. Or in the spring, when the sun shines continuously. This is an opportunity to test one's limits of physical and psychological endurance! These tailor-made activity holidays are useful for maintaining good business relations. JR-Giant and his staff arrange a complete professional programme of services. Both for foreign and Finnish company guests. Price FIM 1200-2500 a day per person.
Ski trips
Services, transportation of equipment, opening of tracks by snowmobile and accommodation are provided according to the wishes of the participants. Prices by agreement, FIM 200-600 a day per person.
Snowmobile trips
From the first snowfalls in autumn till the snow melts in spring, JR-Giant organises guided snowmobile trips, with respect to the environment, the nature and the livelihood of the locals. Both short and long safaris are available. JR-Giant provides his own or rented snowmobiles with or without sleighs. Fully serviced accommodation and catering packages. JR-Giant has associates in Sweden and Norway, so it is possible to extend the trips there. One-day courses in snowmobile driving in terrain will facilitate the handling of the vehicle during more demanding trips, and therefore increase the joy of driving. Fully serviced trips with all the necessary equipment FIM 800-2200 a day per person; half-a-day guided safaris FIM 500-800 a day per person. Family trips with sleighs, including coffee and fish or sausage grilling at a campfire by agreement. Programme services and short period fishing permits for ice fishing on request.
Winter fishing
At the first winter ice the nets are dropped. Freshly caught, the fish can be eaten or preserved for Christmas, for instance. It is possible to watch how professional fishermen fish with a seine net, or to go net fishing on one's own initiative. Prices by agreement.
Christmas and New Year
The day has changed to a long, sunless Polar night, in the bright moonlight of which we can compose ourselves to the feast of the year, the peaceful season of Christmas. In this quiet and enriching moment we can relax and express our gratitude for the success of the past year, for our health, friends and loved ones. It is time to enjoy the company of other people and to eat traditional Christmas dishes. The wait for the New Year and sunlight commences, drawing us to the nature and the meeting of new acquaintances. JR-Giant provides a fully serviced Christmas and New Year package, with Santa Claus and New Year's fire works - a great start with charged batteries for a new working year. FIM 5500 a week plus programme services by agreement ca. FIM 1500-3000. Accommodation approximately for 8 people.
Hunting willow grouses
Trapping starts when the mantle of snow is thick enough and willow grouse leaves traces. Now it is possible to go hunting and set traps in the fells growing birches. The hunting period continues to March. In the bright moonlight of spring, in pursuit of a catch, we ski or walk on the snowmobile tracks, listening to the laugh of willow grouse. Fully serviced hunting trips with permits and accommodation in hired cabins at JR-Giant's hunting grounds. FIM 500-1200 a day per person.
Winter hunting in Sweden
With JR-Giant you can go bird hunting in the woods of the Swedish Lapland. Fully serviced trips with permits and accommodation. With a snowmobile we first do tracks in the proximity of the trees white with frost and birds sitting on sun-gilded tops. Skiing in a biting cold makes hunting an incredibly refreshing experience. FIM 600-1200 a day per person.
Company trips in "Kaamos", the Polar night period
Negotiations and meetings at JR-Giant's chalet with brief trips to the nature by snowmobile. At the nearby Saariselkä holiday resort there are different entertainments available, for instance the "Kaamosjazz" festival. The best way to introduce potential new employees to the company culture is to use the help offered by JR-Giant's small group of experienced professionals. This facilitates the selection process and contributes positively to the future of the company. The service is available all year round, but especially the long Polar night period reveals the physical and psychological limits of an individual. This secures a mutual freedom of choice and certainty, thus enabling intensive, confidential and lasting relationship between you and your employees. Available only by agreement. JR-Giant uses consultants for the best result.
Ski holidays
JR-Giant offers a high-quality accommodation approximately for 10 people. Choose between a fully inclusive holiday package and accommodation-only holiday. Dancing and nightclubs within 30 minutes' reach. Book your holiday well in advance and you'll be able to focus on other activities. JR-Giant's chalet serves as an excellent base for the fully serviced one-day trips to the fells - we provide service and transportation to locations by your choice. Recreational activities, transportation and security service FIM 200-1500 a trip.
Easter is the best season for cross-country skiing: the sun shines almost the whole day and night! At the falling of the night the ski tracks get a frozen crust, but at daybreak they become perfect again for both traditional and freestyle skiing. While on a ski holiday at JR-Giant's you can have a comprehensive programme of services for a day or more. Price ca. FIM 5500 a week.
Nightless night, the one and only real Midsummer on Lake Inari, just after the ice has melted. Join us - we make a bonfire and spend the night with friends at the magnificent open lake area of Kasarinselkä, or on the cliffs of the islands of Kamassaaret. JR-Giant takes you to the shelter of the islands, to the warmth of a hut, to enjoy good food. There is no tormenting mosquitoes nor mites, but a very special atmosphere in the clean nature of Lapland. Accommodation and programme services FIM 350-1200 a day per person. Accommodation only or fully inclusive packages.
The full moon
The moonlight in the inky night, its cold shine and dark shadows create an amazing ambience in the wintery nature. At the same time the Northern lights play on the vault of heaven releasing electric charges with crackle and murmur, like the blowing of the wind in the top of the trees. This is the time for conception - your lovemaking reaches new, higher dimensions! To stay awake at nights, enchanted by the spell of the moonshine in the fells, and to became moon-mad: an unforgettable experience!

Wishing tomorrow wasn't a new yesterday - today I live for you and for myself. JR-Giant
The maintenance
At JR-Giant's yard there are a maintenance building, a storehouse and the lodgings of our personnel. All customers are insured by JR-Giant with the insurance company Sampo, as well as our equipment.
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