• <-> Ivalo-Sevettijärvi about 400 km
  • <-> Ivalo-Utsjoki- Nuorgam about 400 km
  • <-> Ivalo-Enontekiö, Halti about 1200 km
  • <-> Ivalo-the boundary stone of three countries(Finland, Norway, Russia)-Norway, Vaggatem-Neiden about 550 km

The Arctic Ocean safari

  • <-> Ivalo-Norway, Neiden-Bygefjord, (at extra charge: visiting Pykeija village by bus)
  • <-> Ivalo-Veidnes

Fishing safaris

  • <->Ice-fishing safari, to the mountain lakes in Norway in Bygefjord about 550 km
  • <-> Ice-fishing safari, to the wilderness of Vätsäri on the mountain area in Finland 450 km
  • <-> Ice-fishing safari to Norway
  • <-> Fishing with nets under the ice of Lake Inari, about 100 km

Experience safaris

  • <-> To the reindeer farm, Ivalo -Inari, the farm of Paadar
  • <-> To the Sami museum, Ivalo-Inari, Siida

Snowmobile safaris
When the nature is covered with snow and the lakes are ice-covered we organize the snowmobile safaris with guides in Finland and to the Arctic Ocean in Norway.

Every snowmobile safaris we provide with full service including sledges, accommodation, meals and all equipment needed.

We snowmobile with Norwegian guides and Norwegian licenses in Norway area.

We do training trips (day trip) with the snowmobiles to the nature. You can learn how to ride a snowmobile.

We make snowmobile safaris to the families and small groups.

- snowmobile renting
- meals
- licenses

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