We drive by FinnMaster 520, 50 horsepower boat from Veskoniemi to the Lake Inari.
We are touring and trolling close to islands and in the middle of the lake.
Of course we go ashore and enjoy coffee and food cooked on the open fire in the wilderness.
Catched fishes we can clean and cook for meal on the open fire.

It is a high point to catch a trout on your fishing trip .
During the fishing trip that takes several days we stay the nights in a large tent and cook our meals ourselves.
We can make smoked fish from the catch already in the evening when we arrive...
Fishing trips which last several days must be prepared well in advance.
We can start from Ivalo airport or Saariselkä (holiday resort) to the fishing trip.

Lake Inari is sometimes generous for the fishers. It is a memorable movement each time you catch a trout.