Fishing in Summer

Lake Inari
Salmon in Teno
Seine fishing
Fishing on the Arctic Ocean
Catching The King Crab on the Arctic Ocean
Sea fishing

Fishing in Summer
After the ice has melted we start net fishing, casting rods from the banks and trolling with a boat. Catch are trouts and vendaces by nets until late autumn. Trouts and salmons and graylings by casting rods in Lake Inari, Rivers Teno and Näätämö

JR-Giant provides the nets, casting rods, rowing boats and even motors. Available catch are whitefishes, and trouts by nets, trolling and fly-fishing.

Fish salmon, trout and Arctic char
We offer salmon fishing at Teno, Näätämö and Norway by trolling and fly-fishing from the boat and banks.
We catch trouts and arctic chars from the lakes of wilderness by angling.
Accommodation is in the cabins or in tents. JR-Giant arrange nets, boats, Accommodation, meals and fishing licenses.
The deepest point in the Lake Inari is 96 meters.
Your available catch are graylings, trouts and arctic chars by trolling.
Accommodation in a large tent or cabins in the islands of Lake Inari.
We advice you the best fishing areas, to the rivers of the mountains in the wilderness. As a group the Accommodation is in a large tent. We go by wandering or by water airplane to the fishing areas.
Seine fishing
Seine fishing is done in the special fishing grounds on the Lake Inari. JR-Giant has the seine and boats for seine fishing for small group.The catch are prepared for take-away.

Fishing on the Arctic Ocean /Norway
We travel through the Näätämö fjord of North Norway to the Arctic Ocean to front of Kirkkoniemi and Pykeija. With a Norwegian partner with his sea ship to jig and troll coal fishes, cods and halibuts.

If you are lucky you catch an exotic catfish, from 160 meters deepness.

- trolling by boat, seine fishing, net fishing, fishing licenses
- to the bird mountains in Pykeija and Veidnes
- guided fishing safaris: on the Lake Inari, the Rivers Näätämö and Teno.
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